Wideband Satellite Router UHP-232 represents a significant extension of the HTS series of multi-beam/multi-satellite UHP Hubs. The new HTS Hub supports wideband DVB-S2/S2X Outbounds (forward link) carrier with symbol rate up to 200 Msps. The UHP-232 router comprises the new HUBMUX feature which is based on the Time-Slicing DVB-S2X standard and facilitates scalability in the Hub. The HUBMUX feature enables aggregation of multiple TDM/TDMA networks and SCPC links in a single wideband carrier up to 240 MHz. HUBMUX is compatible with UHP-100 and UHP-200 series routers and permits use of compact low-cost terminals in very large VSAT networks with wideband HTS transponders.
  • 1U Rack-mountable wideband satellite router for HTS Hubs
  • Efficient DVB-S2/S2X ACM modulations with 5% or 20% roll-off
  • Support for wideband HTS transponders
  • Single-signal transponder operation up to 240 MHz per carrier
  • Wide range of symbol rates: 300 ksps – 200 Msps
  • HUBMUX feature with support for 4 subnetworks
  • Aggregation of Hubs or SCPC channels in a single wideband carrier
  • 650 Mbps aggregate throughput per carrier
  • Multiple services in the same carrier for diversification
  • Dedicated bandwidth and full traffic isolation of embedded networks
  • Efficient use of HTS capacity and new dimension of VNO cooperation
  • Pay-as-you-grow HTS Hub infrastructure
  • Hot-standby M:N Smart Redundancy option

This new product is addressed to the key problem of efficient loading of wideband satellite transponders, as it allows HTS operators to combine different services and business models just in one carrier with full traffic isolation of embedded networks.

UHP-232 is based on a UHP-200 series satellite router and comprises multichannel DVB and MF-TDMA demodulators, a wideband DVB-S2/S2X modulator, and powerful IP router. UHP-232 wideband satellite router is supplied in a compact 1U chassis for installation in a standard 19-inch rack.